You can now invest in EQON!

EQON is gearing up for the future growth and is therefore currently raising capital through Dealflow. You now have a unique opportunity to be a part of a journey to change the way the we think about energy consumption, and to move the industry towards becoming carbon neutral through more energy efficent solutions.

An investment in EQON represents a great opportunity to acheive a high return. But as with all investment in early stage companies, the risks are also high. We have a unique technology, and an organization with a proven track record in executing on growth strategies” – Frank Blaker – CEO EQON

The signing of stocks is open until the 31st of January through the online platform of Dealflow here.

Over the last weeks, Investornytt has featured EQON in several articles, where the market opportunity and the technology has been explored. See the below links for further reading (in norwegian only):

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